There are the issues you never think about, until you face them personally. Looking for an immigration advisor is one of such cases. Despite the fact that in modern world all the information is available online, via free assessment or chat, we often come to the point when some regulations or rules are not quite clear and we do not know whether they are applicable to our situation. Here you realize that the consultation of an experienced advisor will be very helpful and start looking for one.

Useful guidelines how to find a relevant specialist are as follows:

1. Search Thoroughly

Of course, the easiest way is just to type ‘British citizenship lawyers near me’ online and look through hundreds of pages of contradictory information. Remember: there is always an official website/resource listing authorised advisors. Licenced specialists must be registered with the Regulatory Body.

2. Check Reviews

If a few companies are chosen after the research, check their websites and all available reviews. It will help to outline the experience and professional skills of the lawyer.

3. Rely on Referrals

If you have friends or relatives who recently addressed experts in the same field, ask them for their opinion.

4. Compare

Contact several advisors you chose as an option. Their communication manner, interest in you as a client will help you make a final decision.

5. Ask for a Consultation

Paying for a consultation will save your money and help to avoid stress in the future as you will know if this company is the one you are ready to continue with.

6. Pay Attention to Ethical Norms

A decent professional will never advise you to lie, conceal any information or provide forged documentation. Never work with such ‘specialists’.

7. Check the Fee Policy

Financial issues are to be the main concern, sufficiently discussed and accurately reflected in the contract. It is better when the prices are fixed. Ask if the consultation is deducted from the total price, what further stages will require new payments.

8. Discuss Risks and Guarantees

Nobody can give you a 100% guarantee, especially, if the decision depends on other level professionals: caseworkers, officers etc. Be on the alert if you are promised too much. A reliable lawyer will focus on the weak points and risks and advise under what conditions they can be disregarded.

9. Sign a Contract

In this case your rights will be protected. You may ask for a refund, check the company data, licence and regulatory body.

Authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner our experts at Master Legal Services meet all these requirements. We offer fixed fees, contract, deductible consultations for a variety of immigration services related to EU pre-settled and settled status, spouse visas or fiancee visas. Our work is highly assessed by our clients, who provide their excellent reviews after their visa or British citizenship is granted.

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